Photographer I Andris Ligeris

About me:

photographer | Andris Liģeris

I really like taking pictures of people. I've finished my photo classes (led by A.Tipsis) in 2008 and at the time had no idea, that I would be involved so much. From that very moment, I started travelling, meeting new people, hearing life stories, experiences, looking into other peoples souls. Most of all, I love this feeling of seeing people without everyday armor, inspiring them with my energy, using my camera to capture that moment in "here and now", when a human being is in his true form, beautiful and aware of oneself. I am not hiding the fact, that I am an illusionist - able to create what I want, what I need, what is perfect, even if it is not there. But I have made a promise to myself to look from the heart. Then illusion becomes real and I know for that moment I have created that beauty, that miracle, the divine I am looking for.

Andris Ligeris